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My first serious drawing in years. Just completed yesterday, many hours invested! #Art #Pencil
My best pal Colonel Sanders died today. RIP buddy, I’ll miss you.

My Butterfly

She flutters and scurries sharing beauty where she lands
A beauty only reveled by the touch of her soft hand

Blending to conspire moving forward with the breeze
Concealing her intentions she brings me to my knees

For moments only her company is mine
But as the fabled pumpkin our enemy is time

To bask in the warmth emanating from her soul
Is far beyond worthy any toll

My lovely butterfly a feeling so divine
To pursue with my net I am so inclined

To catch this wondrous creature and press against my heart
Could crush her gentile structure and cause her to depart

Oh how I wish someday to truly understand
The secret to keep her company in my eager hand

I found the most hardcore cabinet glass at Home Depot today.

Why We’re Doing This (And Why We’re Not)


I want to thank everyone who’s been so kind in the wake of our announcement about this Comedy Central opportunity. The messages, comments, blog posts, and emails have all been insanely nice and it means the world to me to see them all. It’s very motivating and makes me want to get this thing right even more than I already did.

With that in mind, I feel like I wanted to just put my motivation out there publicly. This is for a few reasons. First off, I’ve always felt so strongly connected to the fans of this show and feel like they are a huge part of the process. People are already posting suggestions for the pilot on our message board over at the main web site unsolicited, and I think that’s the best. I read them all. Also, I think it’s interesting to let you guys see my thought process - I have a chip on my shoulder and often think about why and this should show that off. Mostly though, I feel like I put this out into the world it will force me to live and die by it a bit more - declare something publicly and you are accountable for it.

So why are we doing this? Why take this thing we love and change it? What motivates that?

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To Arms!



Hey everybody,

As you might have assumed by now, things are getting pretty wild at TCGS headquarters on the top floor of the Chrysler Building. With the announcement of our Comedy Central pilot, every element of our show is pushing it into high gear to make our borderline

TCGS ON COMEDY CENTRAL: Spread the Word, Spread the Community.



As much as we might say to the contrary, this show is not just for us anymore.

Or at least it can’t be if we want Comedy Central to pick it up.

It seems like now it’s less about the Ratzles or the Ratz Carlton or whatever and more about the Ratz Carlton pushing outward and thinking about TCGS…